Gift Your Loved One “Over-The-Top Mega Love” this Valentine’s

There is more to love than sweet gifts and flowers. Whether you’re on your own or with your loved one this Valentine’s day, make the weekend extra special with “Giving God Ultimate Love: Over-The-Top Mega Love” the award-winning book by author Bukky Agboola (paperback, 978-1-7335652-0-2; eBook, 978-1-7335652-1-9). In her book, Agboola emphasizes that the most important relationship in our lives is the one that we have with God. She gives practical insight into what loving our creator really looks like and details how loving God in such a strong, “over-the-top” way, can result in His innumerable blessings being poured out into our lives.

God intends for love to be our highest goal and learning to love God fully and completely can bring a wealth of joy and peace into our lives and enable our spirits to overcome adversity. In “Giving God Ultimate Love: Over-The-Top Mega Love” readers will learn how to become one with God and experience His abundance through the use of relatable examples and thought-provoking questions. Human hearts can become attached to their earthly treasures. Agboola reminds all of us that God must be our greatest treasure because the gift giver is greater than all of His gifts. God’s word; scriptures tell us the following:

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21 (NIV).

“Let love be your highest goal!” 1 Corinthians 14:1 (NIV).

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Bukky Agboola's Recipes for the Soul

I welcome you to my page with warmth and love! My name is Bukky Agboola. I am an author, speaker, and gospel recording artist. Feel free to visit my website and check out my work to see what inspires you!

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